Abandon Ship Training

The crew’s knowledge and ability to quickly and efficiently abandon ship if necessary is critical to the safety of any passengers and crew on board.

Abandon ship procedures are often found to be a major weakness of crews and could result in disaster.

In light of recent disasters Abandon Ship procedures are being heavily scrutinised and tested by administrations and port state control throughout the world.


Fire-Aid International’s instructors will assess the existing abandon ship arrangements and associated equipment including;

• Life Saving Appliances
• Lifeboats / rescue boats
• Passenger & Crew Mustering
• Release mechanisms
• Lifebuoys
• Inflatable life-rafts
• Life jackets
• Passenger Management
• Cabin Clearance & Area Sweeps
• Signalling equipment

The crew will receive comprehensive training in the use of the life saving appliances, mustering procedures for both passengers and crew, launching arrangements and methods for the relevant type of lifeboats and life-rafts on board to ensure everyone can be quickly, safely and effectively evacuated from the vessel.


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