Academy Testimonials

Flora Nichols

Fireaid Academy is more than just a training Centre. It not only instills any student with the confidence and training they need to thoroughly understand all the fire and medical safety procedures they need while working in the yachting industry but also all the team make a real effort to provide you with contacts and advice to get a job.

 I thoroughly enjoyed my week at the academy - the working environment is relaxed and professional, the training team are all very approachable and aspire to make sure each student fully understands the material.  

I left the academy with the confidence to tackle  any such emergency that may arise while working on yachts as well as contacts and friends who have been invaluable to my yachting career.

Fiona Nichols 



I completed my Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting STCW element at Fire Aid Academy. In a nutshell the course was brilliant! The course structure made it very easy to follow and the realism of the fires had my adrenaline pumping.

The content within the course was very well presented and the examples provided made the detail even clearer. The instructors were very professional and catered to the whole groups’ individual needs in both the theory and the practical modules.

Although there was a lot of serious content to cover throughout the course the instructors ensured that the material was delivered in a manner that kept it exciting for all the students participating. I particularly enjoyed the practical side of the course due to the realism of the fires and the team work involved.

I would highly recommend Fire Aid Avademy to complete your Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting STCW and look forward to completing my Advance Fire Fighting in the very near future.

Tia Upward 



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