Our purpose built new facility is set up to be as real to life on ship as possible. Giving students a sense of what life will be like at sea. 
Set at the end of a pier on a large football pitch size pontoon within Southampton Water. You couldn’t get a more appropriate setting.

Training Ship – (T.V. Northway Star)
We designed and built our training ship to replicate the types of vessels commonly found at sea, and we can produce a range of various training scenarios and fires to make a truly unforgettable and challenging course.
The Fire Unit
is an extensive number of compartments including, cabins, a galley, corridors, engine room, ships office and various other compartments split over different levels.
Fires can be produced simulating multiple types including:

Oil fires,
Bilge fires,
Flange fires,
Electric motors,
Trash bin fires,
Cooking pot fires,
Electrical computer equipment fires,
Storage room fires.

By using a combination of combustible and flammable materials to produce our fires, we are able to make conditions both safe for training yet very challenging to give students the real feel of fire and effects from heat.

With our extensive training simulator and highly qualified Maritime Firefighting Instructors, Fire Aid International delivers World Leading training.

Our on site accommodation offers students the opportunity to experience what life will be like on board ship, sharing facilities and working together with other likeminded people.

With views over Southampton water students can see some of the Worlds largest and most prestigious Cruise ships and racing yachts sailing in and out of Southampton Port.

The on site accommodation means students do not need to worry about being late for class or getting stuck in traffic, but have all the local facilities and amenities close to hand if required.

Our recreation room gives students an area to relax after a hard days training and learning, with communal facilities for chilling out, and a small galley area for refreshments, snacks and basic* cooking facilities if required.

With a price which is hard to beat, training with us will give students the highest level of teaching combined with the lowest possible prices.
* Basic cooking facilities includes, microwaves, kettle, and toaster

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