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Of all the disasters that can happen to a vessel, fire must be one of the most devastating.
Fires on board are extremely dangerous, very destructive and costly.

The action and ability of the crew is
Paramount to the success of averting a disaster.

Fire-aid international’s expert instructors have years of knowledge in dealing with vessel fires and their experience would be hard to surpass anywhere in the world.

On board assessment - An initial assessment to focus on the key areas including:
• A full inspection of the vessel’s firefighters equipment and procedures
• In depth analysis of emergency preparedness
• Command & Control; compliance, performance and decision making
• Crew evaluation through emergency drill simulation
• Emergency crew list team organisation
• Locating a fire and communication procedures
• Classes of fire and containment techniques
• Specific marine firefighting protocols
• Use of the ship’s fire prevention equipment
• Communications, alarms and GMDSS
• Passenger organisation and mustering

CREW EMERGENCY TRAINING - Maximising the crew’s effectiveness in identifying an emergency situation and following the appropriate course of action with simulated emergency scenarios including;


• Tactical instruction in BA
• Support instruction including hose handling, boundary cooling and hydrants
• Instruction in first aid application and casualty handling
• Correct use of the fire pumps and emergency back up equipment
• Ship board damage control  • Use of the ship’s fire plan
• Pre-fire planning & investigation
• Operation of GMDSS and emergency distress communications
• Release of the vessel’s fixed fire suppression system including Co2 and Foam
• Public safety including course diversion
• Stability including dewatering, ballasting and cargo
• Contingency planning
• Passenger safety and evacuation

The officers’ and crews’ confidence will grow with each drill, dramatically increasing the chances of a successful outcome in a fire and preventing the risks of port state detentions through lack of knowledge.


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