ISM Internal Auditing

The International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code) is a fundamental aspect of modern ship operations. To ensure the effective management of the Safety Management System (SMS) it is important that it is efficiently audited internally.
Fire-Aid International can provide qualified internal auditors to carry out an audit of the company and vessel’s ISM Code requirements.

• Qualified ISM Internal auditors
• On board auditing
• Unbiased approach to ensure ISM complied with
• Emergency Preparedness

External Auditor
If your company is looking for ships to charter and you are not sure about the reliability and robustness of their management systems; do you toss a coin to decide how to proceed, or do you hire an unbiased Lead Auditor to provide the answer?

The training of a Lead Auditor for external audits can be a costly business for a company, with little return.  Fire-Aid International can provide experienced maritime Lead Auditors to undertake audits that are beyond the scope of the company’s internal auditors.
Qualified in ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 our Lead Auditors can provide an extensive range of potential auditing, clear and concise reports and one-to-one analysis. In addition they can review your management systems and provide more understandable manuals.

ISPS Auditing
We can also provide ISPS audits to ensure the correct implementation of the Ship’s Security Plan. With the growing threat of worldwide security risks and terrorism it is essential the crew know the correct actions and security precautions.

• Vessel access for crew, visitors and port personnel

• Ship Security Plans
• Baggage Searching
• Vessel Security Levels
• Safety while managing security
• Vessel searches


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