Pollution Prevention

Pollution of coastal or international waters can be both morally and financially damaging to shipping companies and therefore compliance with the MARPOL regulations is essential to help avoid any accidental pollution.  

Environmental damage is being controlled by conventions and local laws. Ships and shipping are playing an active part in reducing pollution and the results of pollution. These include International conventions:

• Oil Pollution – fuel/cargo
• Oily Water Separators, operation, alarms, crew knowledge and training
• Noxious liquid substances, chemicals, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
• Containers/Packages
• Gas
• Garbage
• Sewage
• Air
• Oil Record Book
• Water Ballast Convention
• Ship recycling


Other legislation that has an effect on pollution include:

• Load Line
• Intervention Convention
• Collision Regulations
• ISM Code

Fire-Aid International will ensure the knowledge and implementation of these legal requirements are sufficient by auditing, training, supervision and exercises.


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