Providing bespoke on-board Emergency Preparedness Training to the global superyacht industry. Meeting the requirements for both deck and engineering crew in order to ensure the safety of all those on-board, including guests.

'Yes we were incredibly pleased with Fire Aid’s services providing a one day fire fighting course on board Leander. It was so beneficial for the crew and for myself having intense in house training.

The smoke machines made the experience very realistic and the realisation of the spread of smoke provided important insight on how critical it is to close doors. The command control was greatly improved with the help of Fireaid and ideas on how to change muster lists and mustering itself.

I would hope to have one of these courses on board Leander every year. I can also imagine a one day course with live fires at the fire centre would also be very useful for crew to feel the intensity of fire and the complexity of operating in real smoke especially if one gets a leaky BA mask!'

Michael Tyson
Chief Officer, Motor Yacht Leander G

Motor Yacht Leander
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